1943  Born, New Mills, Derbyshire, UK
1961  Graduated top of Class, new Mills Grammar School
1961  State Scholarship
1961-1964  University of Bristol, Biological Chemistry Class 2a Honors
1994-1967  PhD, University of Bristol.
1968  PhD “Oligosaccharide units of Immunoglobulins”
1967-1968 University of Pittsburgh  Lab of Charles C. Sweeley
1968-1969 Michigan State University. Lab of Charles C. Sweeley.  Developed GLC-Mass-Spectrometric assays for sphingolipids
1969 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago, Depts Pediatrics and Biochemistry.
1969-1975 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Scholar. Developed diagnostic assays for many lysosomal storage diseases using tissue and cultured skin fibroblasts.
1971 First independent Grant HD06426, “Glycolipids and Mental Retardation” awarded at age 28. Worked on the structure of the storage material in  lysosomal storage diseases such as fucosidosis and mannosidosis.
1975 Promoted to Associate professor with tenure in Pediatrics and Biochemistry.
1975  Awarded research career development Award (5 years) NS00029.
1976 First reported use of mass-spectrometry-mass-spectrometry for detailed structure analysis of carbohydrates.
1979  NIDA R01 Grant DA02575. Mechanisms of Optoid Action
1979  Guggenheim Fellowship Award. Model systems to study Opioid action.
1980  First reported case of beta-mannosidosis, enzymology and structure.  Worked on the use of Radiation inactivation analysis to determine the molecular mass of simple and complex protein systems
1979-1980 Sabbatical in Liposome (Bangasome) Lab of Alex, Bangham, FRS Cambridge, UK. Developed human cell lines as models for brain gliomas. Human  Oligodendroglioma cell line (HOG)
1982  Renewed MR center Grant HD04583 and expanded the Mental Retardation center as acting Director.
1984-1988 Member, NLS-1 study section
1986  Promoted to Professor.
1998-1992 Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Biological Chemistry.
1989 Chair and organizer of ASN Chicago.
1992-1993 Burroughs-Welcome fellow: sabbatical with C.P. Downes at University of Dundee. Sphingolipid regulation of protein phosphorylation.
1992 Chair of the first “Glycolipid and Sphingolipid Gordon Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.
1997-2001 Member MCDN2 Study section.
2000  Renewed HD06426 as NS36866. This is now in year 38 (2012).
2001  Joined program project HD09402 (Schwartz)
2003  Organized 9th International Battens meeting, Chicago, IL (NS46010).
2007-2008 Sabbatical at Adelaide Childrens Hospital Lysosomal storage disease Unit (JJ Hopwood), Australia. Development of MS/MS for lipid analysis.
2009 Member, editorial board of ASN neuro.
2012 - Member CMBG Study section.