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GLYN DAWSON PhD  Principal Investigator

John Kilkus  Lab Manager/Research Specialist 2 John joined the Lab 20 years ago and runs the lipid metabolic experiments, using both radioactive and fluorescent probes, as well as being the Lab manager.  His only weakness is a devotion to the Cubs.

Sylvia Dawson  Research Specialist 1.

Sylvia joined the Lab as a part-time research technician 25 years ago after working on a project to define autism as an autoimmune disease involving the serotonin 5HT1A receptor.  She concentrates mostly on cell culture, lysosomal hydrolase assays and computer graphics.

Megan Rodriquez  - Undergraduate Chemistry and Neuroscience Student

Megan Rodriquez

Megan Rodriquez joined the Lab in 2017 and is working on a project to see if lysosomal protease deficiencies lead to less amino acids for recycling back into proteins. Batten disease offers clues to how protease problems can result in dementia . She uses suitably modified nanoparticles to deliver proteins to lymphoblasts.

Dian Liu BMB Graduate student


Dian Liu is doing a rotation in the Lab with the aim of getting cells to take up missng or defective proteins from Extracellular Vesicles. Suitably modified nanoparticles are the best hope.

Visiting now and then.

Fernando Testai

Fernando TestaiFernando Testai.  Fernando spent a year with us (2004) and continued research during his Neurology Fellowship.  Now an Assistant Professor at UIC he maintains links through his interest in the role of sphingolipids in hemorrhagic stroke and its outcome.