Graduate Students

 Graduate Students trained.

Ryan Walters  2011-  Quantum dots and chaperone delivery in the CNS.

Judith Hobert PhD 2006.  Pathogenic mechanisms of Juvenile Batten disease.Director of Clinical Chemistry Univ. of Utah, Utah.

Bobby Scurlock, MSc. 1998. Cytokine effects on lipids and myelination.

Ginell Post, MD, PhD 1992. Phospholipases and muscarinic Nicotinic receptor action.  Univ Arkansas, little Rock, AK.

Ady Kendler, MD, PhD, 1990.  Hypoxia and  myelin glycolipid synthesis in myelin. Pathology, Jefferson Med Ctr, PA.

Pat McAtee, PhD.  Effect of PKA on protein kinase C activity. Sachem Biotech. Austin TX

Timothy Vartanian. MD, PhD 1988.  Role of cAMP in regulation of myelination. Director of MS programs, Weil Med. Ctr, Cornell Univ. New York

Karl Johnson, PhD. 1988 Regulation of alpha-fucosidase and lysosomal storage diseases (fucosidosis).  Geysinger Res Inst. PA.

Paul Francel, MD, PhD.  1987. Regulation of Bradykinin action. Oklahoma City Med. Ctr.Neurosurgery

Liz Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD. 1983. Mechanism of regulation of serotonin receptor action. Rush Univ. Chicago Il. Peds,. Neurology. Clinical Genetics.

Mark Scheideler, PhD. 1982. opioid control of glysosyltransferase activity, Consultant, Washington, DC

Ronald McLawhon, MD, PhD. 1982. Glycosylation and opioid action, Director, Clinical Chemistry, UCSD, San Diego, CA

Bill Kwok, 1980 PhD,  Sphingolipid-high density lipoprotein interactions.  family banking, Hong Kong.

Steven Kemp, 1977, MD, PhD. gangliosides and tumor cells.

Alan Rushton. MD, PhD.  1975.  beta-galactosidases. Clinical Genetics, Private practice, NJ